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Landing pages: Everything you need to know


Landing pages for small business

In this series of blog posts, we take an in-depth look at landing pages.

What are they? What are the stats that matter to small businesses? And what are the implications of those stats for your marketing?

We also offer some top tips for writing an effective landing page for your own business, and then suggest some of the many ways you can get it in front of the right people.

And, because we’re all-round lovely folk, we’ve put together a template, so you can set about creating your own perfect landing page right now. 

We hope you enjoy the series!

Comma Chameleon


Part 1:

Landing Page Statistics for Small Businesses


Part 2:

What is a Landing Page?  


Part 3:

How to Write a Landing Page


Part 4:

How to Drive Traffic to a Landing Page


Part 5:

The Perfect Landing Page: A Template


Get started here:

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