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Why you need an email newsletter

Are you harnessing the power of an email newsletter in your business? Maybe it’s time to start…

Email newsletters are a powerful marketing tool.

It’s commonly accepted in marketing circles that every subscriber to your email list is worth £1 of revenue for your business every month. If you’ve just launched your business, this is revenue not to be sniffed at. But what is it that makes an email newsletter so powerful?

Here are just six of the many ways an effective newsletter trumps any other form of marketing…


  1. It’s a space you can own outright. There are no Facebook algorithms to appease. No LinkedIn quirks to navigate. This is your land, and you can do whatever you like there. Building on somebody else’s plot is OK some of the time, but they have rules. An email newsletter gives you ALL the power.


  1. Building relationships is what business is all about, and the true power of an email newsletter is in the level of intimacy it allows you. You’re gonna be sliding right into your customers’ inboxes and talking directly to them. Don’t be a douchebag while you’re there, though – they’ll just kick you out.


… every subscriber to your email list is worth £1 of revenue for your business every month. If you’ve just launched your business, this is revenue not to be sniffed at.


  1. Right person, right place, right time. The holy trinity of getting people to read your stuff. If you’ve got a message you think people really need to read, social media’s possibly not the place, given the fleeting nature of it. This morning’s news is forgotten by lunchtime. An email newsletter gives your audience the power to choose when and how they devour your words of wisdom.


  1. You get to make like a peacock and show off your mad skills. Show up for your audience and serve them well, and they’ll come to trust that you know exactly what you’re doing. Play it right, and you’re going to warm up your audience and gain their trust.


  1. It lets you automate one (fairly time-consuming) aspect of your business communications. You can set aside a day a month to bash out a few emails in one go, then stagger their automated delivery over a few weeks and forget about them while you get on with running your business.


6. The first rule of email-newsletter club? No… you’re allowed to talk about it. A golden rule, then. Never go in with the hard sell. Nobody wants to feel like they’re being doorstepped in their own inbox. The hard sell feels dirty for everybody. Seriously. Everybody. Instead, use your emails to create an experience for your subscribers. Maybe it will lead to them buying from you. Maybe it won’t. That’s not the point. Do it right and they’ll remember you for all the right reasons.


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