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Here’s where you’ll find all our linked Instagram content. Stay a while. Have a mooch. Enjoy!

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Blog: SMART business goals for 2021

I think we’re all ready to forget the shitshow that was 2020. Time to turn our attentions to 2021 and set ourselves up for success, then. The best way of making this seem both manageable and achievable is through setting some SMART goals. Grab your FREE TEMPLATE and get started.

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Blog: Eco fonts and ink-saving tips

Looking to boost the green credentials of your small business, or even save on printing costs while you’re working from home? In this blog post, we look at the seven best ink-saving fonts, as well as offering up some general tips for sustainability while printing.

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Blog: Historic or historical?

What’s historic? What’s historical? Which word should you use in what context? In this blog post, we untangle the definitions and the meanings, and offer up some real-life examples so you’ll always know which one fits your intent.

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Blog: AIDA: How to sell your stuff

Attention. Interest. Desire. Action. Humans are simple, predictable creatures – that’s why a marketing model that’s more than 100 years old still works. Learn all the hows and the whys of AIDA, and you’ll set yourself up for life.

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Blog: AIDA: How to use it effectively

You know what it is, now learn how to use it. The AIDA marketing model can be applied to any and all marketing campaigns for small businesses. For FREE!

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Blog: The decline of degree adverbs

The degree adverb is a powerful grammatical element, adding weight to certain phrases and reducing the impact of others. In this blog post, we explain why we love it, look at the mechanics of how it is used, and lament its decline.

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Blog: Editor vs Proofreader

Does your copy need a Spengler or a Venkman? A sharpshooter, or someone to tackle your content with a bit of creative flair? This blog post looks at the differences in remit between a proofreader and an editor, and sets out the hows and whys of choosing the right one for your needs.

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